Terms of use Maid Agency Singapore

Terms of use and conditions of service at the Maid Agency Singapore website By simply visiting the Maid Agency, consumers must agree to the rules set by us. If you would not like to use the website, it implies that you do not accept the terms and conditions stated here.

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Maid Agency maintains the right, without prior notice, to change the content of the Terms of Use. We request that consumers read the Conditions section to review and comprehend modifications linked to personal interests in order to maintain respect for both parties.

Rules that the consumer must agree to and guarantee

Customers must agree to the following terms in the Policy Terms:

  • Provide no illegal content or information.
  • Do not upload any content or information that violates their rights or agreements.
  • Do not leave comments on “junk” content that contains viruses that might harm Maid Agency’s technological infrastructure.
  • In a sentence, do not utilize content to slander, libel, or have a bad meaning.
  • Do not impersonate organizations or people.

If the user violates the rules stated above, Maid Agency will monitor the user, reserve cookies, and potentially ban access without prior warning.

Furthermore, you must guarantee that:

  • Healthy remarks should be posted.
  • It has no effect on any associated organizations or persons.
  • Do not violate Maid Agency’s intellectual property rights.

Websites with relevant links

To make it easier for all consumers, the Maid Agency website may be linked to other websites and social networking platforms.

However, we are not responsible for your actions on unregulated websites. As a result, you must acknowledge that you will monitor all things personally if any risks occur.

Cookie Storage Policy

By visiting Maid Agency Singapore, you are giving the website permission to use cookies in line with the privacy policy.

We can help you with website activities by utilizing customer cookies. For example: store searches, recall personal information, recommend categories linked to service needs, etc.

You have the ability to reject the access command if you disagree with the cookie content set by us. This will be negative if the client shares personal information on the Mad Agency website.

About satisfaction

Before we can schedule an appointment, the client must supply us with an outline of the task that the employee will be doing as well as the proposed salary. The customer may not force the employee to perform anything other than what is specified in this description, nor may the maid’s wage be reduced.

You will be unable to offer a new employee or replace an existing employee if a maid leaves work because a customer requests a salary decrease or is compelled to do anything that is not linked to the job description. This indicates that, according to the terms of use, there is no refundable cost.

If you are dissatisfied with the maid we supply, please inform us 15 days in advance so that the Maid Agency can locate a more suitable maid for you. You must agree that the new employee’s wage cannot be less than that of the previous employee.

No Request

The Maid Agency Singapore website does not recommend or require you to employ the company’s services. So you have the option to agree or deny in order to decide whether or not to proceed.

No 3rd party

By using our website, you agree that no third party will benefit from or be harmed by the Terms of use, unless clearly specified otherwise.

No-responsibility disclaimer

We disclaim any representations, warranties, and conditions relating to the website and its use to the maximum extent permitted by law. The disclaimer will be applicable in the following situations:

  • Limit and exclude our or your liability for death or bodily harm caused by carelessness.
  • Limit and exclude our or your liability for fraud.
  • Limit and exclude our or your liability for failure to comply with relevant legislation.

Because our website is provided free of charge, we will not be liable for any loss or damage. Customers must understand the foregoing in order to determine which instances are excluded from liability.

How to remove link at Maid Agency Singapore website

If you find any link on our website to be annoying or insulting for any reason, please contact or alert Maid Agency immediately. We will evaluate link removal requests, but we are under no obligation to do so or respond directly to you.

We make no representation or warranty that the information on this website is comprehensive or correct. At the same time, we make no promise that the website will always be available or that the content will be updated.

Privacy preservation

We retain the right to request that the customer delete all connections to the Maid Agency Singapore website. You must accept prompt deletion without further investigation.

At any moment, we retain all rights and regulations to comply with the terms and conditions as well as the affiliate policy. If you continue to use the services offered by Maid Agency in Singapore, you agree to be bound by the conditions of the affiliate terms of service.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service and privacy policies published on the website by Maid Agency in Singapore constitute the entire agreement between you and us. As a result, you must be familiar with the restrictions as published on the official website.

If any provision is declared illegal by a court of law, the invalidation of the conditions of use has no effect on the legality of the main contract included in the website. Other rules are still deemed to be in force.

The terms and conditions of use for the Maid Agency Singapore website are regulated by the laws of the host country. We do not relinquish any rights or user rights if Maid Agency does not follow the conditions of the Terms and Conditions policy.

You agree that Maid Agency In Singapore may send you notices, including those about the terms of service, using the service.

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Customers who use the services of Maid Agency Singapore must understand the terms of use in order to get the best experience.