What can you expect from the Srilanka maid agency in Singapore? Maid agency offers a variety of advantages when using our services. We are now present in more than 50,000 homes with a team of knowledgeable employees, always standing side by side and completing all cleaning tasks quickly, conveniently, and safely.

Srilanka maid agency in Singapore offers a variety of service packages.

At the moment, the Maid agency Singapore helps families find maids. It is flexible and offers all cleaning and care services.

Srilanka maid agency in Singapore offers a variety of service packages.

Srilanka maid agency in Singapore offers a variety of service packages.

Find Full-Time Maid Services

We provide a variety of forms and options to clients.

If you are frequently busy with work and do not have time to handle your own household chores but always want it to be clean, neat, and tidy at each place; hiring a 24h Srilanka maid to take care of everything is an ideal option.

Washing dishes, cleaning tables and chairs, cleaning the living room and dining room of the house will all be done in accordance with the process and specific time agreed upon by the customer.

Find Part-Time Maid Services at Srilankan maid

You can hire a maid for the entire 24-hour workshift or choose a cleaning team based on time. This way, you can rest assured even when you’re busy.

Part-time services are currently clearly divided into specialties as well. Please get in touch with us directly through the online lines if you need to clean anything you want.

If you’d like to be consulted, get answers to questions about your needs and goals, contact us immediately to choose the right staff, meet your criteria and get the job done.

Find Part-Time Maid Services at Srilankan maid

Find Part-Time Maid Services at Srilankan maid

Find maids to take care of the sick and elderly

In the multi-purpose service package, besides providing a perfect living area for all customers. It can also hire caretakers for the elderly and sick through a strict interview process and intense training program.

Maid Agency is confident that it will take care of everything that is assigned, down to the tiniest of details.

We will assist with daily activities like: Support for eating, traveling expenses, a specialized care plan, etc.

After each period, you will receive a regular report of the activities that the maid has done, so you can rest assured that you choose Maid agency from today.

Assistance in taking care of children and babies

Currently, newlyweds and young couples have a lot of stress from job and children, Srilanka maid agency in Singapore understands that issues; therefore, we try our best to find solution to assist them.

Assistance in taking care of children and babies

Assistance in taking care of children and babies

After a long day at work, you will have plenty of time to rest and unwind. The newborn care support has numerous appealing benefits and after-sales services.

The staff we provide all have professional training and mastery skills; they understand healthy foods, how to calm the infant, and how to bathe the baby on a daily basis.

Furthermore, if customers specify various requirements for their children, they also will be fulfilled until they are satisfied. Srilanka maid believes that you will not be dissatisfied with our maids’ attention, diligence, and high level of responsibility.

FAQs – Answer questions about Srilanka maid in Singapore

The following will be the responses to the most frequently asked questions from customers during our time operating in Singapore and other international markets.

How much does it cost to hire a Srilanka maid in Singapore?

Prices will vary depending on the type of service. However, it will undoubtedly suit the budgets of all clients. Although the cost is low, the benefit will be more than the cost.

To prevent misunderstanding and to find the best solution for you, you may simply visit our website or contact the specialist staff for detailed and precise information.

Does Srilanka maid in Singapore hire maids?

We are currently spreading our services across nations via an internet platform, with its purpose of being stronger and closer to all international customers.

You can conduct research and register with human resources in order to schedule an interview. Curriculum vitae must be comprehensive, accurate, and clear.

In terms of the Srilanka maid salary, you will be correctly informed when you are employed, but if the value you offer to the work is great, the wages received will be worth it.

What benefits will I receive when choosing Srilanka maid services?

This is the most frequently asked question we receive. So when you choose services, what benefits will you get?

  •  Being given an accurate cleaning schedule.
  • The cost of spending will be substantially cheaper than the common ground in the maid market.
  • When the maid damages or loses important objects, we will take full responsibility and reimburse for the loss.
  • All clients are fully supported with a variety of service packages. If you have any issues while using our service, you will receive the most honest and accurate response.
  • Long-term clients who have always trusted and chosen SriLanka maid will receive several attractive gifts.

Should we believe in Srilanka maid in Singapore or not?

Having previous expertise in enthusiastic and motivated activities.

So far, over 50,000 homes in Singapore have selected and trusted Srilanka maid at any time and from any location.


You will receive several highly appealing bonuses and valuable presents when using our Srilanka maid agency in Singapore services.