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Privacy Policy -The policy of security and privacy. Our company has the right to automatically collect personal information from each user whenever they use the services offered on the Maid Agency website. Therefore, how does Maid Agency Singapore guarantee your safety? The information provided here will be the most straightforward and precise response that completely adopts a more comprehensive perspective on the issue.

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Information storage when collecting data

Customer data is a crucial aspect that has a direct impact on the whole process of accessing and finding information for all users. Here are four types of data that our firm requests all clients to submit when they visit the Maid Agency website.

Personal data

Customers who visit the Maid Agency Singapore website must submit the following personal information:

  • Personal information: Full name, phone number, email address, cookies, bank, etc.
  • Data regarding the device used to visit the website: IP address, access date/month, language used, and so forth.
  • Relevant social network information: When contacting Maid Agency’s customer service department, consumers can message through a variety of platforms such as social media, including Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and others.
  • Transaction details while paying for services before or after.

With such vital information as this, Maid Agency is under the necessity of designing a Privacy Policy in order to ensure online safety and promote our client satisfaction.

To avoid information leakage and misuse, we monitor and record your activities when utilizing Maid Agency services. The company’s policies are carefully followed by all of its personnel.

Location data

If you click the Allow access to location data instruction, we will use and store information about your present location. These rules allow Singapore Maid Agency to provide new services to consumers as well as improve and modify the service in an effective way. 

Toggle the On/Off bar on the device > Allow permission to request location to enable or disable the Allow access to location data function.

Tracking data

We employ tracking technology to analyze user behavior on the system and store essential information, as indicated in the policy of security and privacy – Privacy Policy. This will let us see what we have and what we can provide to improve the user experience.

You have the entire freedom to refuse all data or to get notifications just when data is delivered. However, this means that you will be unable to use or will be limited in your benefits from a part of our services.

What does Maid Agency Singapore use these data for?

According to the privacy policy – Privacy Policy Maid Agency Singapore utilizes client data for the specific goals: 

  • Maintain and provide current services.
  • Notice of service changes.
  • Users can use interactive elements on the website.
  • Outstanding customer care and support.
  • Collect information and enhance the website’s services.
  • Monitor the use of Maid Agency’s services.
  • Identify and prevent technological issues.
  • Announce special offers that are available in the system.

Provide 24/7 consulting and customer support services

Your information will be collected by Privacy Policy and used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Answer the question
  • Make appointments
  • Processing of payments
  • Give help
  • Troubleshoot
  • Evaluate marketing performance

User interaction

We use client information to begin developing and distributing marketing campaigns such as: information about new or changing services, special offers available on the internet.

Personalize every customer experience

Customize system content depending on location, hobbies, and other personal criteria.

System and service improvements

Maid Agency Singapore constantly tracks the amount of visitors and their engagement with our website in order to give and enhance better services.

Cookies Storage Policy

Cookie storage policies are simply defined as data files that may assist Maid Agency Singapore in gathering information such as: customer login without repetitive manipulation, user preferences, and customized settings.

Cookies enable Maid Agency to better the service system by monitoring and analyzing customer behavior. The majority of browsers will accept cookies by default; however, you can choose to set the storage policy so that only certain terms can be rejected or accepted.

SSL encryption technology is used to secure personal information. We make every effort to implement suitable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to user data or actions that affect your personal information. However, there is no way to ensure complete security.

You must acknowledge that:

  • Security will be also restricted because the Privacy Policy and Internet privacy are out of our control.
  • The confidentiality of the shared data and information cannot completely be assured.

The Privacy Policy imposes age restrictions.

Privacy Statement: In accordance with applicable laws, the Maid Agency Singapore website’s Privacy Policy also reserves the right to restrict users’ ages of access. We do not collect any information from individuals under the age of 18 and our service system is not intended for children.

If you are a parent or guardian and are aware that your child has provided Maid Agency Singapore with personal information, please contact the Hotline immediately for assistance in erasing the relevant data from the server.

Which 3rd party does the Maid Agency provide information to?

We permit cooperating third parties to provide users with better service on the basis of customer feedback and information. However, we assured that your information will not be shared with third parties who directly market their products by Maid Agency Singapore.

We completely refuse to sell users’ personal information to unwilling third parties in accordance with our Privacy Statement – Privacy Policy. Singapore Maid Agency solely serves the following features:

  • In support of the promotion of marketing campaigns.
  • User data collection.
  • The maid agency system’s maintenance and advancement
  • Customer service improvement.

We will share user information with our subsidiaries, licensed agents, suppliers, distributors, and other third parties as appropriate. Furthermore, Maid Agency discloses consumer data when requested by law authorities, exercising legal rights alongside guarding against lawsuits.


When using the Maid Agency Singapore website, users should be aware of the terms relating to the privacy statement – Privacy Policy. Maid Agency always encourages your feedback and recommendations on the terms and regulations governing the service provided.

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