Myanmar transfer maid Singapore is being very common today. There are several reasons people should consider hiring Myanmar maids who have experience working in Singapore. Let’s get to know more about them in this article! 

What do you mean by “Myanma Transfer maids” Singapore?

Myanmar transfer maid Singapore refers to maids from Myanmar who have working experience in Singapore now seeking new employment opportunities. This indicates that the maid will be transferred from one employer to a new one.

This will be done based on the need to divide the work of the company or at the request of employees as well as customers. It is to ensure the interests of everyone at work.

Find out more information about the Myanmar Transfer maid Singapore

Find out more information about the Myanmar Transfer maid Singapore

What are the reasons to choose Myanmar Transfer maids?

Here are some of the concerns that many people have before deciding to hire a transfer Myanmar maid. There are multiple reasons why you should pay for a maid transfer from Myanmar rather than a newbie or a Singaporean maid.


In comparison to new hires from Myanmar, you must wait for the maid to come to Singapore to work; however, the Myanmar maid is already in Singapore and ready to work. You can hire a maid immediately without having to wait.

Always ready to assist your house

Always ready to assist your house

Lower hiring costs

The expense of hiring Myanmar maids will be much lower than that of Singaporean maids. Clients gain substantial benefit from the cost reduction of the services, which include:

  • Settling-in Programme (SIP)
  • Pre-employment medical examination before going to work to ensure the quality of the work

Face-to-Face Interviews 

Myanmar transfer maid Singapore is available in Singapore. Therefore, you conduct in-person interviews before hiring your maids. This is beneficial for clients who like to meet and talk with their maid in person.

Willing to have face-to-face interview before working

Willing to have face-to-face interview before working

Long-established expertise in transfer maid

Myanmar transfer maid in Singapore already has working experience in Singapore before. Therefore, they are accustomed to the pace of work and ways to use common household appliances in Singapore.

However, every family’s lifestyle and kitchen appliance usage are quite different. Therefore, you will need to guide your maid through the specific appliance in your home and give her time to become accustomed to the equipment and lifestyle.

Why Hire a Transfer Maid?

If you are seeking a Myanmar transfer maid Singapore, you may visit the maid services offered by a maid agency in Singapore. This is one of the addresses where you can get professional maid with the pros as:

Providing professional maid 

The company’s goal is to provide you with a highly competent Myanmar transfer maid Singapore. You may have an in person interview this employee before you decide whether or not to hire her as all have undergone extensive evaluation.

Providing professional transfer maid

Providing professional transfer maid

In the Singapore labor market, all maids are qualified professionals. They can use basic household appliances and make a meal that suits your taste. 

Having cost reduction

Myanmar maid agency fee will be generally lower than other agencies. From there, help you in saving a significant amount of money. At the same time, when you utilize well picked company, you spend at low charges as usual.

Lower cost of your choice at Maid agency Singapore

Lower cost of your choice at Maid agency Singapore

Save customers time as much as possible

Maid agency Singapore constantly strives to be professional when serving consumers. All calls, texts, and emails will be responded to as soon as possible. Therefore, help you save time when looking for a transfer maid.


When it comes to finding a maid for your home, Myanmar transfer maid Singapore is the best option. For the best experience, let’s choose services from top providers in this field.