One of the current concerns has always been the Myanmar Maid Salary. The salary of Myanmar maids in Singapore is rapidly rising, particularly right now. The MDW salary in Myanmar will be discussed in detail in the following article.

How much is Myanmar Maid Salary?

In particular, the formula for calculating Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore as below :

Total salary = Basic monthly salary + Working salary on holidays

Formula for calculating Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore

Formula for calculating Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore

Basic monthly salary

It is considered as a monthly wage for a Myanmar maid based on a contractual agreement between the employee and the employer, and shall not fluctuate from month to month in any way except for payment allowances, overtime, productivity incentives, etc.

 Detail Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore

Detail Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore

Based on Minimum wage

There is no minimum wage law in Singapore for MDWs. However, the origin country (the country of origin of the MDWs) imposes a minimum wage for their foreign employees. In particular, the Myanmar government passed laws in 2014 requiring domestic employees in the country to be paid a minimum of 450 USD.

Because their English ability is limited, Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore are quite cheap in comparison to maid salaries in other countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to a survey we did, the wage of Myanmar maids is frequently lower than the 450-dollar minimum wage. Some people only receive a base monthly rate of $430. Therefore, they are obliged to work on holidays in order to increase their income.

Based on employee’s experience

In addition to the legal minimum salary, the amount of years of experience is a factor that influences Myanmar Maid Salary. The list below is a typical salary depending on years of experience:

The Myanmar Maid’s Experience Basic monthly salary
Fresh (No experience or only working in their country) $450 – $500
Ex – Overseas (Have work experience in another country other than their home country, but have not worked in Singapore) $500 – $550
Ex – SG (Worked in Singapore but returned home) $550 – $650
Transfer (Formerly a maid in Singapore, now looking for a new owner) $560 – $670

Generally, Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore 2022 varies between 450 and 600 dollars. Objectively, Myanmar Maid Salary in Singapore in 2023 will rise as well, but not to the same amount as other countries.

Salary rate for Holiday Work

If you require Myanmar maids to work even on holidays. According to Ministry of Labor standards, the minimum payment must be equivalent to one’s daily income. The precise calculating formula is below.

Daily salary = Monthly basic salary / 26

Myanmar Maid Salary on holidays

Myanmar Maid Salary on holidays

Myanmar Maid Salary’s Regulations in Singapore

Individuals, families, or Maid Agency Singapore must follow the following rules established by the state of Singapore:

  • Employers are required to pay Myanmar Maid Salary fixed monthly within 7 days after the end of the pay period. It should not exceed one month in the case of an agreement between the employee and the employer.
  • Myanmar Maid will be given one day of unpaid leave in seven days respectively (including Sundays and public holidays). The precise day off will be agreed upon between the company and the job seeker.
  • If MDW accepts or wants to work a complete day off, the employee is entitled to another day off. This date must be in the same month as the holiday and must be agreed upon by both parties.
  • If the employee does not utilize the day off, he will be paid the Myanmar Maid Salary, which is not less than the basic day’s salary.
  • Myanmar Maid Salary can be paid in cash or by direct deposit into the employee’s bank account. In some situations, employers must withhold evidence for submission upon request.


The above article contains the most detailed information about Myanmar Maid Salary. Hopefully, the information provided above has benefited employees in understanding their rights and selecting a suitable working address.