How much is Indonesian maid salary? Both employees and employers are always concerned about this. Find the most detailed and practical answers in the article below.

The average salary of Indonesian maid

Many Singaporean households prefer to hire an Indonesian maid because they are people who are dependable and hardworking. Maid agency also describe them as having strong culinary abilities and the ability to easily adjust to living in Singapore.

Indonesian maid salary in 2022 is between $550 and $750 per month. In comparison to many other countries in the area, the pricing is relatively competitive. However, Singapore’s living cost is also pretty expensive.

The average salary of Indonesian maid

The average salary of Indonesian maid

Employees may also be supplied with a variety of other advantages such as housing, health insurance, allowances, and incentives. This is to reward Indonesian maids’ efforts and to provide homeowners with a better service experience.

Indonesian maid salary in singapore 2023 is expected to decrease within this range as well. However, this is merely a rough estimate of the base salary.

Indonesian maid salary 2023 is subject to fluctuation depending on service demand and other external variables.

Indonesian maid’s minimum wage regulation

The payment of salaries to foreign residents is not governed by any of Singapore’s laws. However, employers are still required to pay an Indonesian maid from their home country the minimum wage. As a result, the Indonesian embassy stipulates that a maid’s home country’s minimum wage is $550. Additionally, maid agency can only charge a maximum of $2,000 for about 4 months of work.

How is Indonesian maid salary calculated?

The lowest and maximum level of Indonesian maid salary is highly different. So, how do companies decide how much to pay for their workers? Find out more in the section below.

How is Indonesian maid salary calculated

How is Indonesian maid salary calculated

Based on experience

A maid who has worked in the industry for a long time will earn more than a novice. This is obvious: an Indonesian maid with experience will undoubtedly complete the task quickly and effectively. They are accustomed to the way of life in Singapore and can quickly adjust to their new owner. The following is the average monthly salary of an Indonesian maid based on experience, as determined by our survey of 1,000 individuals:

The Myanmar Maid’s Experience Average monthly salary
Fresh (No experience working as a maid in Singapore) $558
Ex – Overseas (Having worked in Singapore) $621
Transfer (Ever worked as a maid in Singapore and changed new owner) $626

Based on language ability

Besides experience, language also plays an important role in determining Indonesian maid salary. This becomes even more special when they work abroad, specifically in Singapore. It directly affects their daily interactions and communication with the owner, as well as their ability to complete the required work.

As a result, those with excellent English communication skills will earn more. Additionally, the maid’s salary is correlated with her level of fluency in English speaking.

Based on language ability

Based on language ability

Based on work-related training certificates

This is also one of the factors that the maid agency takes into consideration when determining Indonesian maid salary. The maids have got proper training and a diploma. They will be evaluated as having more capability and reliability, and the demand for these people will be stronger as well. As a result, a maid with a job-related degree/certificate may be paid more.


The information of Indonesian maid salary is described in greater detail above. We hope that the information provided here is useful and will help clients in choosing the ideal job as well as employers in selecting a reputable service or company.