Indonesian maid agency has long been a leader in the market of home help because of its skilled and experienced staff. It has professional service style and super-fast customer support. A good Indonesian maid agency would provide the best service possible.

A wide range of services for customers to select

Indonesian maid agency Singapore provides a variety of service packages which customers can simply select based on their demands:

  • General cleaning service: cleaning household items, cleaning dormitories, motel rooms,…
  • Taking care of children, the elderly, the sick.
  • Pet care service.
  • Hourly/morning service
  • Home help service
A wide range of services for customers to select

A wide range of services for customers to select

Indonesian maid agency will offer the most ideal and comprehensive service packages based on customers’ needs and financial capacity.

In addition, the business always makes an effort to listen to and comprehend the requirements of customers, and it carefully consults all issues prior to providing services.

Save time when you hire Indonesian maid agency

One of the most difficult issues for families when hiring a maid is that it takes a long time to find a maid that meets their demands. You must find someone who is seeking jobs, decide whether they fulfill your requirements, and work hard or not, etc. The regulatory authorities’ procedure is likewise extremely time-consuming. For many reasons, it’s hard to find the right person. This process might take several months without any results.

Maid Agency always have a professional team ready to work. Simply pick up the phone and call an Indonesian maid agency in Singapore whenever you want. We will provide you with advice at any time and from any location. Assist you in finding a suitable maid and meeting all of the requirements as soon as possible.

  • Are you looking for someone to clean the house, take care of the children and take care of the elderly?
  • Are you looking for a diligent, honest, gentle maid?
  • Are you looking for a healthy maid to complete all tasks?
Save time when you hire Indonesian maid agency

Save time when you hire Indonesian maid agency

Experienced and well-trained maids

The Indonesian maid agency is one of the country’s top trends in employment brokerage. Indonesian maid agency has built a network of many maid local enterprises. Our training facility will perform thorough evaluations and interviews to find the most qualified candidates.

Next, these individuals will be educated about expertise: cleaning the home, caring for children, caring for the elderly, caring for pets, and so on. Furthermore, the Indonesian maid will acquire fundamental language communication and English communication. English, as an indigenous culture, promises to attract the finest and brightest employees.

Finally, Indonesian maid agency in Singapore will properly train the maid about her tasks and expectations before she gets the job. We strive to create conditions in which clients may receive the best services possible.

Experienced and well-trained maids

Experienced and well-trained maids

The cost of hiring Indonesian maids is affordable

Indonesian maid agency Singapore doesn’t stop at providing excellent service to its customers; it also offers service packages at very affordable prices. You will undoubtedly be content with the cost.

Additionally, Indonesian maid agency provide a wide range of services at various prices. The services of the company are accessible to all, regardless of financial budget.

Minimising risks

Good Indonesian maid agency is also accountable for ensuring the quality of its employees. Businesses also manage and supervise Indonesian maids, which helps you reduce the risks you might face if you hire employees from outside, such as theft, violence, etc. If there is an issue, you can request a prompt resolution/compensation.


Hiring a maid through Indonesian maid agency is the best option that you should not overlook. It not only reduces risks, but it also saves you a lot of time in terms of finding a maid and training skills. Contact us immediately via our Hotline to get the best service for you.