Filipino Maid is a well-known Maid Agency in Singapore, enticing consumers with amazing benefits such as quality home care services, highly qualified maids, and affordable costs. So, how can You become a collaborator of ours? Continue reading to find out more about Filipino Maid Salary in Singapore 2023!

What’s special about the Philippines Maid in Singapore?

How to apply home leave for Filipino Maid in Singapore? This is a question that many individuals have, especially those who need extra income or want to inquire more into a fixed-hour work.

In reality, many foreign maids (FDWs) work in Singapore nowadays, including Filipino Maid, Sri Lankan Maid, and Indonesian Maid. This has boosted the maid supply to a ” fertile” market’s growth. 

What's special about the Philippines Maid in Singapore

What’s special about the Philippines Maid in Singapore

However, most customers are concerned about the quality of service prior to the rapid increase in maids. They are unsure whether or not to employ FDW because they consider it to be too risky.

This has established itself as the pioneer address for Singapore’s first foreign maid job. We hire a cleaning crew, help with professional training, and provide pre-certification.

Here are the reasons you should choose our company:

  • In 5 years of operation, Philippines Maid has earned the belief of over 15,000 maids.
  • Cleaning personnel are trained and perform in a range of working settings, including training and professional working environments.
  • Provide each staff with complete certification paperwork and insurance.

Overview of the collaborator’s Maid Agency work schedule

You can refer to the following overview of maids’ working schedules at Maid Agency Singapore.

Children/infants Elderly/sick persons according to their condition House cleaning
Taking care of small children, newborns, or nursing moms, as well as pregnant women

Creating a healthy menu while maintaining houseowner’s flavor

Learn fundamental skills such as changing diapers, bathing, holding, and putting babies to sleep

Arrange time, make a cleaning strategy, and clean the house scientifically.

Create a menu based on your health and medical condition

Assist with hygiene and daily living activities such as cooking, personal hygiene, bathing the sick, taking a walk,…

Have small talk or conversation

Establish a schedule for taking your medications and health caring

Acquire the knowledge necessary to deal with an emergency or unexpected situation.


General cleaning of rooms

Take care of the house


Elderly care

Things you should know about the Filipino Maid

Find out more about Maid Agency in Singapore here!

Things you should know about the Filipino Maid

Things you should know about the Filipino Maid

Salary and remuneration of maids in Singapore 

When you join the Maid Agency, you will receive a very high pay and allowance. We will give a subsistence compensation based on skill and personal work experience, so we ensure that the maid always receives the best treatment.

In Singapore, maids are classified into three basic levels:

  • No working experience
  • At least one year of cleaning and housekeeping experience is required.
  • Used to work as a maid and have changed jobs.

Besides, depending on the work experience of each application, we may also take into account certificates, language, working style, personality, professional qualifications, etc.

The average salary of maids in Singapore

The following is a concise list of each foreign maid’s salary in Singapore, which Maid Agency provides so that customers and employees can easily communicate with one another:

Filipino Maid Minimum from $570
Indonesian Maid Minimum from $558
Srilanka Maid Minimum from $500
Myanmar Maid Minimum from $450
Campuchia Maid Minimum from $500

Depend on level

Years of maid experience in Singapore Monthly salary
1 $500 – $620
2 – 5 $650
> 6  $700 – $850

How to prepare for a leave application? 

The keyword “home leave for Filipino Maid in Singapore in 2023” is currently the most searched for. If you are a maid in Singapore and need to take a leave of absence, you should pay close attention and gather the following essential information in advance:

How to prepare for a leave application 

How to prepare for a leave application

  • Make sure the maid has a passport that is still valid for the leave.
  • Inquire about the requirements for immigration at the Philippine embassy.
  • Contact the Philippine embassy in Singapore to request a leave of absence for the maid to travel back to her home country.
  • When leaving Singapore, always keep a copy of the maid’s flight ticket.
  • In order to be able to return to Singapore after leaving, the maid always carries her passport and work permit.
  • Regarding time off, as an employer, the maid can postpone a medical exam every six months and defer taxes while they are away. 

How to apply home leave for Filipino Maid in Singapore?

For Filipino FDWs, the process is extremely strict. You must first register with your Embassy before applying for a temporary exit document. You will receive an authenticated contract as a result of your registration.

The procedure for registering will differ based on how long you have been employed by your current employer. Your employer and you will need to use an agency if you have been with them for less than two years. However, you will be able to process the registration on your own with your employer if it has been more than two years.

Responsibilities of clients while hiring Filipino Maid 

Aside from information such as the Filipino maid salary in Singapore in 2023 or how your maid applies for leave, as a client who has to use maid services, you also need to be aware of your responsibilities when using the service.

Employers should guarantee that domestic employees undergo a six-month medical checkup. Furthermore, you will almost certainly be required to pay all medical bills. This is precisely why many firms would choose for complete insurance coverage.

Additionally, the employer will be required to make a financial contribution to the Singapore government. The monthly base rate will be $300. You will receive a discount of sixty dollars per month if you live in a household with young children or have other needs for care.

Every week, you should give your maid a day off. This treatment not only takes care of their health but also gives them a chance to unwind and unwind.


Customers should read the information given and provided in the above article before selecting the maid service provided by Filipino Maid to ensure that they will have the greatest cleaning service experience.