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Maid Agency – 24/7 Maid rental service in Singapore. Do you have a hectic schedule? Lacking the time to clean the house? You just want to pay for hourly maids? If you are still confused with the above questions, visit the Maid Agency website for advice on the most detailed domestic help services.

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The introduction of Maid Agency service

The maid service specializes in providing maids for restaurants cleaning, offices, hotels, and showrooms, housekeepers, caring for children, the Elderly, the sick, etc,…

Is there any business that employs maids? The answer is yes, according to the Maid Agency by offering home help and two cleaning services, including part-time maids in Singapore. You may select the best option for yourself.

We have been successful in building a “common” network and a trusted partner of more than 30 maid rental businesses in India, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Because of this, Maid Agency is recognized by more than 80,000 homes.

Our company’s mission has always been and will always be to build a home and nurture the flame of happiness. Maid Agency always makes a great effort to provide consumers with the most reliable, highly qualified, and potential resumes.

What advantages does the Singapore Maid Agency offer?


It is simple to ask for room cleaning as needed

  • Bedroom: The entire bedroom will be cleaned, from the baseboard to the window sill.
  • In the kitchen, every piece of oil, bacteria, and plaque is “cleaned “
  • Bathroom: Our cleaning crew will thoroughly disinfect your bathroom.
  • Living room: The TV stand, sofa, and every other surface in the book room are quickly cleaned.

Several options for industrial cleaning

  • Playground for kids and other amusement options
  • Flats or other forms of housing like apartments, villas, etc.
  • Cleaning the building and the workplace furnishings.
  • Supermarket, school, restaurant, company, hospital.

Use “eco-friendly” cleaning supplies

Our crew always uses “environmentally friendly” cleaning methods and cleaning supplies to ensure the safety of all consumers. One of Maid Agencies’ objectives is to always safeguard the environment and practice environmental sensitivity.

What makes Maid Agency Singapore a good choice?


Having more spare time to unwind and rest

If cleaning the house takes too long for you, consider hiring a maid from the Maid Agency. Therefore, you had the entire day to unwind and enjoy life rather than putting time and effort into sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, cleaning rooms, etc.

Depending on their budget and individual demands, customers may hire a full time or part-time maids Singapore. Visit with friends, have family time, listen to music, go shopping, etc. You have more than enough time to relax and enjoy yourself outside of the demanding working and studying hours.


Strict staff selection and training process

There are common questions that How can I feel comfortable utilizing your services? We would like to inform you about the hiring and selection procedures for maids. As follows:

  • (1) Choosing records, (2) interviewing, and receiving training, (3) working, (4) getting customer feedback, (5) and being evaluated, corrected, and encouraged are the first five steps.

To learn more about maid personnel, get in touch with the Singapore Maid Agency. Included are your history, health, working style, and experience. We are committed to holding each employee responsible.


Price goes hand in hand with quality of service

Customers may receive customized services from Maid Agency Singapore, including domestic help (at home/on an hourly basis, child/elder care, etc.), cleaning/office cleaning, and housekeeping. Likewise, there are various pricing that are sure to fit any budget.

You can visit our company website to consult the service price list, thereby making the most reasonable and best choice for yourself.


National Franchise

Our business, one of the top maid companies in Singapore, is in charge of franchising over the entire country. Its brand is available at Indian Maid, Myanmar Maid, and Indonesia Maid.

You may work flexibly at any time with only one click. The advantages of partnering with Maid Agency Singapore just include the following benefits below:

  • Working and exchanging on digital platforms.
  • low capital base
  • Fully licensed and certified.
  • Additional support is provided.
  • Brand ownership.
  • Get a variety of effective financial management solutions.

Check out the latest offers from Maid Agency right away

Clean up every area

“Among the sites that Myanmar Maid has a crew that specializes in cleaning are offices, industries,…”

Always deep-clean

“A team of expert cleaners who are skilled in the best cleaning techniques provide all intense cleaning services”

House cleaning

“Your house will be spotless, clean, and organized by the cleaning professionals of Maid Agency Singapore.”


“Workers are trained by the Maid Agency as essential for quality.”

Customer assistance is available. 24/7

“Hotline’s support team and customer service are always on hand to assist with any issues that clients may have”

Common related FAQs of Maid Agency

How can I hire a maid?

Currently, there are two main ways to hire Maid Agency maids: full-time and part-time.

How are cleaning costs measured?

Customers can pick between two payment options for cleaning services: fixed price and hourly rate.

Does Maid Agency work on weekends?

Currently, Maid Agency also services on the weekends, so if you’d like to contact us more frequently, please do so on the weekends.

Does the maid have a schedule before cleaning ?

The maids from Singapore will arrive and check the areas that need to be cleaned. Make a thorough work plan after that to ensure that the predetermined goals and deadlines are met.

Why would you pick Maid Agency only based on price?

You won’t have to worry about money or any other cost-related difficulties if you choose Best Maid Agency. We constantly offer our clients cleaning services at a rate that is among the lowest on the market.

Will moving your home cost more or less than relocating your business?

Typically, moving a business will be more expensive than moving a home. However, we also need to take into account how big the area is that has to be cleaned.

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Maid Agency is a professional maid service in Singapore that can fulfill all of your demands. Customers who use Best Maid Agency will easily save time, money, and effort!